Our supervisors have been selected by the HARP Faculty Board on the basis of their world-leading expertise, exemplary records of PhD supervision and enthusiasm to embrace an inclusive research culture.  When you apply to HARP, you will need to apply together with a supervisor and a project outline, so we recommend you contact supervisors or the HARP Faculty early to start discussions. Please see below for the HARP supervisor list. 

NamePositionOrganisationResearch Area
Ackland, GarethClinical Professor of Perioperative MedicineQMULOutcomes for patients following major surgery
Ahluwalia, AmritaProfessor of Vascular PharmacologyQMULEffects of nitrite and nitrate on the cardiovascular system in health and disease
Aitken, LeanneProfessor of Critical Care & Associate Dean – ResearchCity UoLCritical Care and long-term disability
Aksentijevic, DunjaReader in Physiology/BiochemistryQMULMetabolic remodelling in heart failure
Aksoy, EzraLecturer in Mucosal Immunity and SignallingQMULInnate immune mechanisms in inflammatory disorders and immunodeficiency
Alazawi, WilliamProfessor of HepatologyQMULMetabolic Liver disease and its phenotypes in South Asian populations
Aung, NayClinical Senior Lecturer, Consultant CardiologistQMULBig data, AI, Imaging, Genomics, Heart Failure, Cardiovascular diseases
Ayers, SusanProfessor of Maternal and Child HealthCity UoLMental health in pregnancy and postpartum; transition to parenthood; high risk pregnancies and birth complications; birth trauma
Aziz, QasimProfessor of NeurogastroenterologyQMULBrain gut axis, visceral pain, neuromodulation
Balkwill, FrancesProfessor of Cancer BiologyQMULTumour microenvironment
Banerjee, Abhishek Professor of NeuroscienceQMULCognitive mechanisms underlying flexible behaviour and neurological disorders
Barbur, JohnProfessor of Optics and Visual ScienceCity UoLAnalysis and understanding of human vision dysfunction to translate fundamental research findings to overcome occupational limitations
Baysan, AylinReader in Cariology in relation to Minimally Invasive DentistryQMULOptimum methods to manage root caries
Bell, ChristopherSenior Lecturer in Functional GenomicsQMULUnderstanding the pathophysiology of common and chronic human diseases, by investigating and integrating large-scale epigenomic, genomic, and transcriptomic data
Bernabe, EduardoProfessor in Dental Public HealthQMULOral health inequalities, ageing and oral health
Bhide, PriyaSenior Clinical LecturerQMULWomen’s Health: reproductive endocrinology, PCOS, subfertility and assisted conception
Bird, VictoriaProfessor of Mental Health CareQMULMental Health Care
Bishop, CleoProfessor of SenescenceQMULSenescence, ageing and cancer
Bogosian, AngelikiSenior Lecturer in Health PsychologyCity UoLPsychological adjustment of individuals and families affected by a long-term health condition, especially neurological disorders 
Botting, NicolaProfessor of Developmental DisordersCity UoLLanguage and Communication difficulties
Branco, MiguelReader in Genome RegulationQMULEpigenetic regulation of transposable elements and its impact on genome function
Brohi, KarimProfessor of Trauma SciencesQMULMechanisms and implication of immune dysfunction in major trauma in the immediate postraumatic period
Brown, MorrisClinical Professor of Endocrine HypertensionQMULCardiovascular medicine, Endocrinology
Caley, MatthewLecturer in Cell BiologyQMULSkin basement membrane and investigating its role in healthy and damaged skin as well as in skin cancer
Cartwright, MartinSenior Lecturer in Health ServicesCity UoLDeveloping and evaluating interventions to change patients’ or healthcare professionals’ behaviour
Carvalho, LiviaSenior Lecturer in PsychoneuroimmunologyQMULPsychological stress, brain and behaviour, lifestyle medicine, depression in cardiometabolic illness, antidepressant resistance, pharmacoepidemiology, mental health, inflammation
Caulfield, MarkProfessor of Clinical PharmacologyQMULCardiovascular Genomics
Chambers, EmmaLecturer in ImmunologyQMULAgeing and immunity; influence of individual characteristics on immunosenescence
Chan, LiReader in Molecular Endocrinology and Metabolism/ Paediatric ConsultantQMULMetabolism, Adrenal diseases, stress, Obesity, food intake, receptor signalling
Chapple, PaulProfessor of Molecular Cell biology | Deputy Dean for Postgraduate ResearchQMULCell biology of rare diseases
Chen, JianminLecturer in Inflammation and Cardiovascular MedicineQMULCellular/molecular dysregulation and cardiac metabolism alterations in heart failure induced by either acute or chronic cardiac inflammation; Therapeutic innovation against heart failure
Connelly, JohnReader in BioengineeringQMULWound healing, tissue engineering, scarring
Cooper, DianneSenior Lecturer in Inflammation SciencesQMULInflammation in diastolic dysfunction
Cooper, JessieSenior Lecturer in the Sociology of HealthCity UoLSociologist with expertise in ethnographic and narrative approaches to studies of medical practice, technoscience, and health inequalities
Crabb, DavidProfessor of Statistics and Vision ResearchCity UoLMeasurement in vision: visual fields, imaging, visual function and quality of life, and medical statistics
Cruice, MadelineReader/ Associate ProfessorCity UoLWorking with adults with communication impairments who cannot talk or advocate for themselves to improve outcomes
Dalli, JesmondProfessor of Molecular PharmacologyQMULInflammation, phagocytes, lipid mediators, vascular disease, arthritis, bacterial infections
Dell’Accio, FrancescoProfessor of Musculoskeletal Regenerative Medicine and RheumatologyQMULRegenerative medicine and Rheumatology
Dima, DanaiProfessor of Cognitive NeuroscienceCity UoLThe study of cognition and mental health, mostly employing neuroimaging and genetics.
Dipper, LucyReader in Speech and Language TherapyCity UoLExploring the best ways to assess and remediate communication disorders
Dokal, InderjeetProfessor of Child Health, Honorary Consultant in HaematologyQMULGenetics and Bone marrow failure
Drey, NicholasSenior Lecturer in Health Services ResearchCity UoLPatient Safety and Research Ethics and Methodology
Eaton, PhilipProfessor of Cardiovascular BiochemistryQMULCardiovascular, redox signaling, oxidative stress
Feng, YanSenior Lecturer in Health EconomicsQMULQuality of life research, economic evaluation alongside clinical trials, health policy evaluation, pay-for-performance incentives in primary and secondary care, and applied micro-econometrics in health
Fett, Anne-KatherinReader in Clinical and Biological PsychologyCity UoLLoneliness and social isolation in mental health disorders
Ficz, GabriellaSenior Lecturer in Cancer epigeneticsQMULEpigenetic mechanisms
Finer, SarahClinical Senior Lecturer in Diabetes Honorary Consultant in DiabetesQMULGenes & Health, Type 2 diabetes and Multimorbidity
Fitzgibbon, JudeProfessor of Personalised Cancer MedicineQMULGenetics, epigenetics and rare blood cancers
Foster, GrahamProfessor of HepatologyQMULHepatitis C therapy in hard-to-reach populations
Gallipoli, PaoloClinical Reader in Experimental HaematologyQMULMechanisms of disease initiation and maintenance and the identification and validation of novel therapeutic targets in myeloid leukaemias
Gasto-Massuet, CarlesReader in Genetics and EndocrinologyQMULDevelopmental Genetics
Gillard, SteveProfessor of Mental HealthCity UoLMental health services researcher whose research takes a social and community perspective on mental health
Giovannoni, GavinProfessor of NeurologyQMULClinical neurology and neuro-immunology 
Graham, TrevorProfessor of Cancer EvolutionQMULCancer genomics and cancer evolution
Griffin, XavierProfessor of Bone and Joint HealthQMULClinical and cost effectiveness of new and existing treatments to improve bone and joint health and has been cited by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence
Grigg, JonathanProfessor of Paediatric Respiratory and Environmental MedicineQMULAsthma, air pollution in paediatric populations
Grose, RichardProfessor of Cancer Cell BiologyQMULCell signalling and 3D cancer models
Guasti, LeoProfessor of Experimental EndocrinologyQMULDiseases of the adrenal gland 
Harden, AngelaProfessor of Health SciencesCity UoLSocial science, public health, health promotion and health inequalities
Henry, LucyProfessor of Speech and LanguageCity UoLMemory and executive skills in children with developmental conditions
Henson, SianProfessor of ImmunologyQMULAging and T cell immunity
Herman, RosalindProfessor of Child Language and DeafnessCity UoLLanguage development in British Sign Language (BSL) and communication and reading in deaf people
Hilari, KaterinaProfessor of Acquired Communication DisordersCity UoLMental health, outcomes and intervention development and effectiveness for acquired communication disorders in under-represented groups
Hirani, ShashiSenior Lecturer in Health Services ResearchCity UoLBehavioural Medicine and self-management of long-term conditions and care of the aged population
Hodivala-Dilke, KairbaanProfessor of the Tumour MicroenvironmentQMULTumour microenvironment discovery research
Howard, SashaSenior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Paediatric EndocrinologyQMULOptimising the diagnosis and management of patients with disorders of puberty and reproductive endocrinology
Hull, ChrisProfessor of Optics of VisionCity UoLVisual optics and visual science to overcome disadvantage due to vision impairment
Iliodromiti, StamatinaProfessor of Obstetrics and GynaecologyQMULReproductive and perinatal epidemiology, big data analysis, data linkage, metabolic medicine and reproductive endocrinology
Jones, DanClinical Senior Lecturer of Clinical Trials in Cardiovascular InterventionQMULTranslational interventional clinical trials
Kanoni, StavroulaReader in Nutrigenetics and Cardiovascular HealthQMULGenetic architecture of complex traits, the biological links between diet/lifestyle and cardiometabolic traits, as well as the interplay of genetic predisposition and nutritional parameters for cardiovascular health
Kelly, PaulProfessor of Tropical GastroenterologyQMULEnteropathy in adults and children with malnutrition in Africa
Kelsell, DavidProfessor of Human Molecular GeneticsQMULRare skin disease syndrome; keratinocyte biology; oesophageal biology
Knowles, CharlesProfessor of Surgery, Director of National Bowel Research CentreQMULFunctional colorectal and pelvic floor disorders, including rare gastrointestinal neuromascular dysfunction
Kocher, HemantProfessor of Liver and Pancreas SurgeryQMULPancreatic cancer, liver metastasis, tumour-stroma interactions, bio-markers, clinical trials, surgery
Korbonits, MártaProfessor of Endocrinology QMULEndocrinology, genetics, rare diseases
Kranc, KamilProfessor of HaematologyQMULHaematology, stem cell biology
Lemoine, NickProfessor of Molecular OncologyQMULGenomics and molecular pathology of pancreatic cancer and the development of oncolytic virotherapy
Longhi, PaulaReader in Dendritic Cell BiologyQMULAdaptive immunity in metabolic syndrome
Marelli-Berg, FedericaProfessor of Cardiovascular ImmunologyQMULInflammatory Cardiomyopathies, Immunosuppression
Marino, SilviaProfessor of NeuropathologyQMULBrain tumours, epigenetic mechanisms, models
Marouli, EiriniSenior Lecturer in Computational BiologyQMUL Interface of genetics, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence
Marshall, CharlesClinical Senior Lecturer in Neurology (Dementia)QMULPredicting and preventing dementia through improved understanding of the causes
McCabe, RoseProfessor of Clinical CommunicationCity UoLMental Health in hard-to-reach populations
McCafferty, KieranSenior LecturerQMULDiabetic kidney disease and haemodialysis
McClelland, SarahSenior Lecturer, in Chromosomal instabilityQMULChromosomal instability
McCourt, ChristinaProfessor of Maternal HealthCity UoLAnthropology of health, maternity and childbirth
McKeown, EamonnSenior Lecturer in Health Services ResearchCity UoLSocial Anthropological investigation of sexualities, sexual health, art and health and social inclusion
McKnight, AineProfessor of Viral PathologyQMULPathology, immunity to, and tropism of viral infections including HIV and SARS-CoV-2
Metherell, LouProfessor of Endocrine GeneticsQMULRare disease/precision medicine – Adrenal insufficiency
Morrissey, DylanProfessor of Sports and Musculoskeletal PhysiotherapyQMULSports and Exercise Medicine
Munroe, PatriciaProfessor of Molecular MedicineQMULCardiovascular genetics – gene discovery, functional analyses and risk prediction
Murray, EstherSenior Lecturer in Health PsychologyQMULSocial inequalities in health, wellbeing in medical students and doctors, and doctor patient communication
Nadkarni, SuchitaSenior Lecturer in ImmunologyQMULHow maternal neutrophils can influence T-cell responses and how such interactions can regulate placental development
Nightingale, TomSenior Lecturer in Cell BiologyQMULCell biology of endothelial cells during injury and inflammation
Nizetic, DeanProfessor of Cell and Molecular BiologyQMULAgeing, cancer, neurodegeneration through understanding of Down syndrome. Human iPSC disease modelling
Nourshargh, SussanProfessor of Microvascular Pharmacology and ImmunopharmacologyQMULImpact of vascular ageing on immune cell trafficking and mechanisms of systemic inflammation
Orkin, ChloeProfessor of HIV MedicineQMULClinical trials in the development of novel anti-retroviral therapy and novel anti-retroviral strategies; and blood-borne virus testing
O’Shaughnessy, RyanSenior Lecturer in Cell BiologyQMULEpidermal barrier function, Skin diseases and Cancer
O’Toole, EdelProfessor of Molecular DermatologyQMULSkin biology, rare disease, atopic eczema
Oyebode, OyinlolaProfessor of Public HealthQMULThe health of marginalised urban populations, including migrant health. Behavioural risk-factors for non-communicable diseases
Pearse, RupertNIHR Professor of Intensive Care MedicineQMULImproving patient outcomes following major surgery, and has led numerous large multi-centre randomised trials, epidemiological studies and mixed-methods research projects
Pennington, DanielProfessor of Molecular ImmunologyQMULT cell development and immune responses to human disease
Perretti, MauroProfessor of ImmunopharmacologyQMULInflammation resolution; inflammatory cells phenotypes; arthritis and cardiovascular diseases; therapeutic innovation; resolution pharmacology
Petersen, SteffenProfessor of Cardiovascular MedicineQMULCardiac imaging, epidemiology, health economics
Pitzalis, CostantinoProfessor of RheumatologyQMULAdvanced phenotyping in Rheumatology and inflammation
Prasad, RathiConsultant in Paediatric Endocrinology and Honorary Senior Clinical LecturerQMULPaediatric Endocrinology, genetic disorders of primary adrenal insufficiency
Prendergast, AndrewProfessor of Paediatric Infection and ImmunologyQMULGlobal health, Malnutrition, HIV, Infectious diseases
Priebe, StefanProfessor of Social and Community PsychiatryQMULSocial Psychiatry, mental health in deprived populations
Prowle, JohnSenior Clinical Lecturer in Intensive Care MedicineQMULPathogenesis, Diagnosis and Treatment and Outcomes of Acute Kidney Injury, Continuous Renal Replacement Therapies in the ICU, Fluid Therapy and Medical Complications of Major Surgery
Puthucheary, ZudinSenior Clinical Lecturer in Intensive Care MedicineQMULPrimary and secondary prevention of acquired functional disability following critical illness
Raisi-Estabragh, ZahraNIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in CardiologyQMULBig data epidemiology, Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging, Cardio-Oncology
Rajan, PrabhakarClinical Senior Lecturer/Consultant UrologistQMULUnderstanding prostate cancer risk, genetics, and treatment barriers in under-represented populations
Rappoport, JacquelineLecturer in Trauma Sciences, Emergency and Resuscitation MedicineQMULPsychological Trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma, Traumatic Brain Injury and Emotional Regulation
Rathod, KrishnarajClinical Senior Lecturer at WHRI, NIHR Academic Clinical LecturerQMULCardiovascular disease
Reynolds, ChristianSenior Lecturer in Food PolicyCity UoLGlobal expert on food loss and waste and sustainable diets
Riches, JohnClinical Reader/Consultant Haemato-oncologistQMULLymphoma, B-cell immunology, metabolism
Rot, AntalProfessor of InflammationQMULExperimental Pathology and the effect of rare African genotype on immune function
Rouault-Pierre, KevinLecturerQMULHaematopoietic stem cells and leukemic initiating cells
Rowe, HelenLecturer in EpigeneticsQMULEpigenetic regulation of immune genes
Salmon, DebraProfessor of Community HealthCity UoLMaternal and Young People, interventions to improve access to health and social care, reduce inequality and improve outcomes for those from disadvantaged backgrounds
Sanders, JulieDirector Clinical Research (SBH), Clinical Professor Cardiovascular NursingQMULOutcome and recovery after cardiac surgery including long-term outcome and health-related quality of life (HRQoL)
Scammell, MandieSenior Lecturer in MidwiferyCity UoLRisk and the maternity services in the UK
Sharp, TysonProfessor of Cellular and Molecular BiologyQMULBasic understanding of cancer biology. Novel immune checkpoint biology and therapeutic development. HIF/hypoxia, miRNA-silencing. Tumour suppressor gene biology in lung cancer
Sheehan, KatieProfessor of RehabilitationQMULMusculoskeletal rehabilitation and health services research
Sheldon, TrevorProfessor of Health Services ResearchQMULAnalysis of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of healthcare and public health interventions, patient safety, health policy and evaluation, inequalities in health, and public sector resource allocation
Sikandar, SkipSenior Lecturer in Sensory BiologyQMULSensory Neurophysiology of pain
Sin, JacquelineProfessor of Mental Health NursingCity UoLUnderstanding the needs and experiences of individuals affected by severe mental illness, and those of their families and local communities
Stavropoulou, CharitiniReader in Health Services ResearchCity UoLThe effect of financial crisis on health care systems and individual behaviours; strategies to get patients to improve their own safety
Storr, HelenProfessor of Paediatric EndocrinologyQMULPaediatric Endocrinology Growth disorders, Genetics, Population studies
Subramanian, AhalyaSenior Lecturer in OptometryCity UoLQuality of life in visually impaired adults and children and strategies to improve, including artificial intelligence
Subramanian, ManikandanReader in Cardiovascular InflammationQMULTargeting inflammation in atherosclerosis; Body weight cycling and its impact on cardiovascular outcomes
Suzuki, KenProfessor of Translational Cardiovascular TherapeuticsQMULMyocardial regeneration and repair, Stem cell therapy, Macrophages
Swinglehurst, DeborahProfessor of Primary Care, NIHR Clinician ScientistQMULPrincipal Investigator on the APOLLO-MM project (Addressing the polypharmacy challenge in older people with multimorbidity)
Tapper, KatyReader in PsychologyCity UoLDr Tapper is interested in how we change health behaviours, particularly those relating to diet, physical activity and smoking
Thiemermann, ChristophProfessor of PharmacologyQMULSepsis, Trauma, Kidney disease
Tiwari, DivyaLecturer in ImmunobiologyQMULMycobacterium tuberculosis drug development; host pathogen interaction
Van Heel, DavidProfessor of GeneticsQMULGenomics and Child Health
Warner, TimProfessor of Vascular InflammationQMULPlatelet roles in haemostasis and pathological conditions
Warren, HelenSenior Lecturer in Statistical GeneticsQMULGenetics & Pharmacogenetics in Hypertension and other Cardiovascular Traits: Genetic Discovery; Risk Scores; Risk Prediction; Treatment Response
Whiteford, JamesReader in Extracellular Matrix BiologyQMULAngiogenesis